Wilson DUO Golf Ball Review

Wilson Duo Golf Ball Review

Wilson DUO Golf Ball Overview

If you like the feeling of a soft, distance golf ball, the Wilson Staff Duo may be for you. The new Wilson Duo Golf Ball has the industry’s lowest compression at 29.  Read our full Wilson Duo golf ball review to see if they might be worth your $20.

Price $20.00  (see current prices)

Construction 2 Piece – Ionomer Cove

Compression Low Compression (29)

Spin Low spin

Best For Distance, Soft Feel, Straight Ball Flight

Colors Available White, High Visibility Orange and Yellow

Indifferent Rating 

Shut up and take my money!

Key Features and  What They Mean for You

1) The world’s softest golf ball

Why? Manufacturers are competing to create low compression, distance golf balls. Wilson Staff utilizes a large rubber-rich core to achieve the lowest compression golf ball on the market.

What it means Less spin will be imparted on a low compression golf ball. The decrease in spin equates to a straighter ball flight and in turn more distance. Average golfers who don’t intentionally work the golf ball with a draw or fade are great candidates for a 2 piece, soft, low compression golf ball.

2) 2 Piece Construction

Why? More layers in a golf ball equate to more spin on the ball. This two piece construction goes hand in hand in ensuring a low spin, low compression ball.

What it means Longer, straighter, higher shots with long irons.

3)  High-Performance COR

Why? COR is a measure of the efficiency of the transfer of momentum between two colliding bodies. This results in increased velocity.

What it means Think of COR as a spring-like effect on a golf ball, the more you can compress a ball the more it will spring off your club. This translates into greater velocity and greater distance.

Who Should Try This Ball

For years the DUO has been building a collection of fans who have tried this ball and rave about it. Great performance at a great value, what more could you want. As with any low compression, low spin golf ball players should see a slight increase in distance as well as a higher trajectory flight which makes up for its lack of spin on the greens. If you can’t impart spin on the ball it better come in high and soft so it doesn’t run through the green.

Players who like to work the ball will find it much harder with the DUO. This ball, however, is not aimed at those golfers. On the other hand, the lack of spin you can impart on the ball and the low compression make it a great ball in wind and cold for any level of player.

Our Indifferent Opinion

The truth is that my opinion of the DUO may actually not be indifferent. This has been one of my favorite balls ever since I’ve tried it. I expected this ball to feel too soft and actually hinder my distance due to my swing speed. My finding was just the opposite. Any loss of distance from being a low compression ball was made up for in a straighter ball flight. I really fell in love with the DUO on the putting green since I have a strong disdain for any ball that clicks off a putter and the DUO is far from clicky.

I have not tried the DUO spin on Duo Urethane yet, so check back soon for those reviews.

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