Pinnacle Rush / Pinnacle Soft Golf Ball Review

Pinncale Rush Pinncale Soft

Pinnacle Rush / Pinnacle Soft Golf Ball Review

Pinnacle golf balls have long been known for their combination of distance and value. Now a part of Acushnet the Pinnacle Rush and Pinnacle Soft golf balls are made using the same manufacturing process as the other Titleist golf balls. These two offerings from Pinnacle appear to be the value option to the Titleist golf ball line of products. At around $16 the Pinnacle Rush and Pinnacle Soft are clearly not a Pro V1 but they may be a good match for your game and your wallet. If this sounds like a golf ball that you might be interested in, continue reading our full review of the Pinnacle Rush and Pinnacle Soft golf balls below.

Price $20.00  (see current prices)

Construction 2 Piece – Ionomer Cove

Compression Low Compression (mid 40’s)

Spin Low spin

Best For Pure Distance, Soft Feel, Straight Ball Flight

Colors Available White(Rush and Soft), Optic Pink (Soft), Optic Yellow (Rush), White with Pink number and side stamp (Soft)

Indifferent Rating

Shut up and take my money!

Key Features and What They Mean

1) High energy, low compression core

Why? Pinnacle created the Pinnacle Rush and Pinnacle Soft to appeal to golfers seeking distance all the way through their bag. Their proprietary core creates faster ball speed and lower spin to generate more distance.

What it means Golfers with slower swing speeds should see an increase in distance when using either the Rush or Soft. The Rush has a slightly harder cover and slightly higher compression and is the true distance ball. The Soft uses a lower compression and soft cover to maintain some feel around the green.

2) Incredibly soft ionomer cover

Why? Pinnacle knows that most golfers wouldn’t mind a few more yards. They also know that no one enjoys hitting a rock. With today’s technology, golf ball companies are able to utilize a low compression core and soft cover to achieve the best of both worlds at a reasonable price point.

What it means For under $20 Pinnacle offers a great option for high handicappers looking to gain distance and also maintain feel on scoring shots. The Pinnacle Soft is the softest feeling Pinnacle ever made. While that isn’t saying much, this ball should compete in the same space and some other best selling balls on the market. (Supersoft, DUO) and at a lower price point.

3) 332 Dimples

Why? Dimples on a golf ball help reduce drag in an effort to make a ball more aerodynamic. Pinnacle uses 332 dimples to achieve this goal. It may help the ball in the wind and you may see a few more yards.

What it means Consistent, powerful ball flight.

Who Should Try This Ball

The Pinnacle Rush and Soft seem to be the value play for the Titleist parent company in a space where they have other price points covered. While I don’t think many skilled players will be switching to the Pinnacle anytime soon, there should be a demand for a ball of this caliber at a very competitive price point. The Rush will be the choice of the player seeking pure distance and not concerned with the range ball type click off the club face. The soft is the preference for those placing an emphasis on short game and putting. Both balls should make viable options for cold and or windy weather.

Our Indifferent Opinion

I am 80% sure that the first ball I ever struck was most likely a Pinnacle and it was most likely orange. Readers of this blog will know that I am a fan of a soft feeling golf ball, especially on the putting green. While the Pinnacle Rush was not exactly my cup of tea I would have no problem gaming the Pinnacle Soft especially at this price. I don’t think I would make it my regular gamer, but I also don’t lose many golf balls. If I did, you would most certainly find the Pinnacle Soft in my bag.

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