PGA Lounge at MSP Airport

Today’s divot from Reddit shows the PGA lounge at the Minneapolis St. Paul Airport. Thank you midgets89, I will now be trying to connect all of my domestic flights through this airport. Myrtle Beach, you need this. This makes me wonder if there are any successful bars like this in the US. I think a putting green and a few simulators would make for a great time with a couple of pints. It would also be a great spot to just get together to watch tournaments and talk golf.

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Matt Spear

An amateur golfer, husband, and new father who thinks about golf more than he should admit. He founded Indifferent Strokes as a way to share what has worked for his game and an overall outlet for his golf insight. With limited practice time, he chases the dream of being a scratch golfer. Luckily, as a Philly sports fan, he is used to hopes of improvement with mediocre results.

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