Golf Swing May Not Be What It Appears

In the past year, I have found a few really enjoyable YouTube channels that focus on course vlogs. I enjoy watching people who I can relate to and it’s also interesting to see how they approach a course and how they try to improve. One, in particular, has also helped me lower my handicap and gain more control over my golf swing. Brendon DeVore runs a channel called BE BETTER GOLF and I have learned a lot from his videos. Brendon focuses on talking to industry insiders who focus on taking a different approach to golf instruction and may teach things that go against conventional wisdom.

This really hit home with me since in the past I have tried to model my swing after the pros on TV or a tidbit of advice a golf announcer will throw out on the air. One such piece of advice about power being created with the body and having to really fire your lower body and create lag completely wreaked havoc on my swing for about a year. Because of that one little swing thought I played golf backhanded and fighting a ferocious hook.  Below is a clip of Brendon and Tony Luczak (think Bill Nye the Science Guy of Golf) discussing the fact that what you think you see in a golf swing is most likely not what is happening from a physiology standpoint.

This video has helped me greatly and I hope it can help a few of you as well.

Check out BE BETTER GOLF and Tony Luczak for other great content.

Disclaimer: I don’t know Brendon or Tony nor am I being compensated for sharing this. I just find his channel interesting and helpful and bringing information like this to the public is one of my goals of the blog. That being said, Brendon, if you read this let me know!

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Matt Spear

An amateur golfer, husband, and new father who thinks about golf more than he should admit. He founded Indifferent Strokes as a way to share what has worked for his game and an overall outlet for his golf insight. With limited practice time, he chases the dream of being a scratch golfer. Luckily, as a Philly sports fan, he is used to hopes of improvement with mediocre results.

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