Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Ball Review

Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Ball Overview

Bridgestone has made a name for themselves with their golf ball fitting systems. Their research has shown that most players do not play the optimal ball for their swing speeds. A ball with lower compression will allow players with moderate to slower swing speeds to be able to compress the ball easier and achieve their full distance potential. That is exactly the goal of the Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Ball. If you think you can gain distance from a lower compression ball, continue reading our full review of the Bridgestone Extra Soft Golf Ball below.

Price $21.99  (see current prices)

Construction 2 Piece – Ionomer Cove

Compression Low Compression (29)

Spin Low spin

Best For Distance, Soft Feel, Straight Ball Flight

Colors Available White, Yellow, and Pink

Indifferent Rating 

Shut up and take my money!

Key Features and  What They Mean for You

1)  New Softer Gradational Core

Why? Bridgestone understands that most recreational golfers are using the wrong golf ball. They need a ball that promotes less spin for longer straighter shots with moderate swing speeds. You lessen spin by decreasing the layers of a golf ball. The challenge of creating a golf ball that produces distance and low spin is to also ensure that it doesn’t feel like a rock off the club face.

What it means The  Bridgestone Extra Soft utilizes a softer core that progressively gets firmer as you get further from its center. This allows for greater ball speeds with less spin and a soft feel.

2)  Soft Responsive Ionomer Cover

Why?  Another challenge is short game spin. The Bridgestone Extra Soft is a two-piece golf ball which lacks the layers needed to promote the revolutions created by a urethane cover. The solution here is a responsive ionomer cover that keeps the Bridgestone Extra Soft in the intended pricing sweet spot for recreational golfers.

What it means The Bridgestone website touts this ball as having extreme control. Of course, this ball will not complete with a tour level ball, but in most cases, the golfer using it will either not notice or not need an extreme amount of spin. Remember spin crated on short shots will also be present off the tee, this could lead to wayward shots that miss the fairway.

3)  330 Seamless Dimple Design

Why? Another prominent feature of low spin distance golf balls is the dimple pattern. With a slower swing speed, ball flight is important to keep the ball in the air as long as possible. The player using these golf balls are not trying to hit 2 iron stingers.

What it means Ball flight and distance are greatly affected by drag. bridgestone uses a 330 seamless dimple design in the Extra Soft to reduce brag and decrease side spin. This means longer, straighter shots.

Who Should Try This Ball

In the current battle between golf ball brands to try to make a ball that sounds like the best toilet paper money can buy (soft, soft, soft), Bridgestone accomplishes this with the Bridgestone Extra Soft. Depending on skill level and budget one could make two arguments. Why not pay a little more for the e6, or, why pay more for the e6 when you can pay less for the Extra Soft and not notice a lapse in performance. As with all golf balls, personal preference plays a large part. The Bridgestone Extra Soft will suit a large group of golfers who don’t need a ton of short game spin but need some extra help with distance and straight ball flight with the longer clubs.

Our Indifferent Opinion

I’ve used the Bridgestone Extra Soft as a fall/winter golf ball before. While I was not disappointed, I was not blown away either.I am one of the golfers who would pay the extra money for some of Bridgestone’s other offerings.

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