Bridgestone e6 Soft Golf Ball Review

Bridgestone e6 Soft

Bridgestone e6 Soft Golf Ball Overview

The e6 Soft golf ball from Bridgestone is tuned to be incredibly soft and provide straight distance. Bridgestone Golf Ball Fitting Data claims the e6 SOFT is 9 yds longer and 31% straighter than competitors. The new offerings of the e6 Soft and e6 Speed have replaced the e5 and e7 of yesterday. Could this be the straightest ball money can buy? Read our full review of the Bridgestone e6 Soft below to find out.

Price $29.99  (see current prices)

Construction 3 Piece – Surlyn Cover

Compression Mid Compression

Spin Low spin

Best For Straight Distance

Colors Available White and Yellow

Indifferent Rating 

Shut up and take my money!

Key Features and  What They Mean for You

1) Advanced Mantle Layer

Why? The goal of the e6 Soft is to provide straight distance, to achieve this you need to control spin. A player with a moderate swing speed may love the way a tour level ball performs around the green, but they may also have trouble keeping their drives in the short grass to to the side spin they impart on the ball. The e6 Soft looks to achieve incredibly low driver spin and high launch.

What it means The mantle layer will counteract the spin imparted by a driver or long iron, that creates a straighter ball flight. It will also allow for a higher ball flight and a controllable amount of spin on approach shots so your ball can hold the green.

2) Surlyn Cover with Delta Dimples

Why? Once the ball is in the air and the mantle has it flying straighter, the Delta Dimple pattern help ensure it stays straight.

What it means This review has me sounding like a broken record, but once again the goal of the e6 Soft is to produce STRAIGHT DISTANCE. The dimple pattern aids in doing so. The drawback here may be workability, but most likely the target audience is not trying to intentionally work the ball.

3)  Did I mention STRAIGHT DISTANCE?

Why? After collecting more ball fitting data than any other manufacturer, Bridgestone is convinced that mid to high handicap players who are using the Pro V1 or another tour level ball is making the wrong decision. They built this ball to be a true game improvement ball.

What it means If you cringe each time your power fade ends up in the woods Bridgestone may be onto something here.  

Who Should Try This Ball

It’s no secret after reading this review. The Bridgestone e6 Soft was created solely for game improvement. The same way drivers are adjustable to change loft and spin, this e6 is geared at maintaining a straighter, longer ball flight. In that case, I would say this ball is for everyone. We all know, however, that is not the case. But this ball is definitely a great option for mid and high handicap players and even low handicap players on a budget who don’t obsess over green-side spin.

Our Indifferent Opinion

In recent years I have really enjoyed playing the “e” line of Bridgestone golf balls. I am actually sad to see the e5 and e7 go. This ball is one of the best performers at its price level and is indeed a game improvement ball. I don’t think this ball will save any slice from heading wayward but it may help a more skilled player keep the ball in the fairway rather than the rough. Overall the mantra of STRAIGHT DISTANCE is a winning mantra in my opinion. It’s sure better than short and crooked.


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