Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball Review

Callaway SuperSoft Golf Ball

Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball Overview

The Callaway Supersoft golf ball is a low compression, low spin, distance ball aimed at players looking for more distance and a straighter ball flight while maintaining some feel around the green. If this is what you are looking for in a golf ball, continue reading for our full Callaway Supersoft Golf Ball Review.

Price $20.00  (see current prices)

Construction 2 Piece – Ionomer Cove

Compression Low Compression (38)

Spin Low spin

Best For Distance, Soft Feel, Straight Ball Flight

Colors Available White, Yellow, Pink, Multi (White, Yellow, Orange, Blue)

Indifferent Rating 

Shut up and take my money!

Key Features and  What They Mean for You

1) New Softer Tri-ionomer Cover

Why? The softer cover makes the ball feel better more controllable around the green.

What it means  This is a low compression, low spin, distance ball so it will not have a lot of bite on the green. The softer cover will help this ball not feel like a rock and improve its usability on short shots.

2) Ultra Low Compression Core

Why? The low compression core maximizes ball speed and lowers spin.

What it means The low compression core will give a distance boost to most golfers. It also lowers the spin rate to make mis-hits less severe, especially on longer shots. Less spin also effects backspin however so this ball will not have as much check on the green. It should, however, have a high ball flight and land soft.

3) HEX Dimple Pattern

Why? The Calloway Supersoft HEX dimple pattern reduces drag and increase carry and distance

What it means Dimples on a golf ball help reduce drag in an effort to make a ball more aerodynamic. Callaway uses a HEX pattern to achieve this goal. It may help the ball in the wind and you may see a few more yards.

4) Colors

Why? Callaway claims their multi-color options are one of their most desirable features.

What it means Take your pick of color. Callaway offers the Supersoft in a multi-pack (3 blue, 3 yellow, 3 orange, 3 white) as well as white, yellow, and pink by the dozen. The blue color option oddly interests me.

Who Should Try This Ball

For around $20/dozen this ball is great for the budget conscious golfer who doesn’t need a tour level ball but also doesn’t want to give up much performance for a lower priced option. It’s low compression (38) and low spin rates allow for a straighter ball flight for longer shots and the softer cover tries to maintain a good feel around the green. If you don’t mind a soft feeling ball off the driver and putter than this ball might be a great option for your game.

Due to the low spin, the Calloway Supersoft may not have enough control for those looking to work their full shots. Seniors and beginners may get some added distance and not mind the missing spin on approach shots. The Supersoft, as with most things golf related comes down to a question of feel. Some will think this feels too mushy and go in another direction. Others who are used to playing harder true distance balls might enjoy the added short game feel without losing distance. Definitely a value option that can be enjoyed by all handicap levels.

Our Indifferent Opinion

A great price point for a ball that performs well. You won’t get the spin on the green that you get from a Urethane tour ball but for the amateur golfer, this may not be noticeable. The Supersoft, in my opinion, produces a consistent flight that makes me not miss the spin of a Tour ball. I’ll simply adjust my game to accommodate the roll out I get from a knockdown wedge. The Callaway Supersoft’s higher ball flight allows my longer shots to basically stop where they land with only a small hop forward. I personally love the feeling of a low compression ball and would play this ball without thinking twice.

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